November 2, 2017

The tour begins.

I headed out of Los Angeles this morning in my stuffed Toyota Corolla, knowing there were lots of things I hadn't remembered to pack, and lots of things I hadn't taken care of before I left, but also knowing that it was at the point where it didn't matter anymore. Hit the 5 and headed north for Sacramento. The great Tony Camin had seen my Facebook post about heading to Oregon and asked if I wanted to stop and do a guest set at the Sacramento Punchline, which, yeah! The headliner was Mark Normand, who I'd met years ago and didn't really remember anything about except that I remembered he was funny. And I was right! So, fun show.

Tony Camin: "Childless? How about fun- MORE !"

Tony Camin: "Childless? How about fun-MORE!"

Then I went to Starbucks to grab a coffee for the road. I went to use the bathroom. There were two guys waiting on line (yes, I'm from New York). Both of them went in and neither of them locked the doors. So both doors still said "vacant." Another guy walked up and immediately brushed past me and went to open one of the doors. I told him there was somebody in there, and he started to disagree based on the sign, then he realized that he recognized me as an employee of the Starbucks. "You work here, right?" "No." I recognize you. You are the guy from over there.." "Nope, not me." "Yes." "No." "Well, you look like that guy." OK.

Then I drove a couple more hours and stopped in Redding. A Motel 6 with a very bustly desk clerk. Seems like not a lot to do as a desk clerk, but that's not how she looked at it. "Are you okay staying on the freeway side?" "I guess... I mean-" "THat's all I have so you better be okay with it." I guess I am then. 

DIdn't realize til the next day how glad I would be not to charge into the Mt. Shasta National Forest at midnight, where Interstate 5 turns into The Cyclone in Coney Island. Glad I didn't do that at night.